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Oh no!

Posted By Michele : March 15 2015

I'm in the process of updating a few pages! played some games and traded. YAY!
BOO! I just got the unfortunate news that Harmony closed :( It was one of my favorite TCG's!
Well I guess I'll have to look into joining some new ones! Maybe...I might be in more than I can handle anymore XD
Especially since I started a new job! I sell candles and tartlets (for Jewelry in Candles)! I put a link to my store in the "other" link at the top of the page if you are interested! ^_^

Look an update!

Posted By Michele : March 3 2015

I'm so late -.-;;; but I'm gettting things updated finally! Between job hunting and having lots of visitors this past month I haven't had the time I'd like to properly play and update!
I'll get more stuff done soon! Maybe! I hope! XD I have some more visitors coming over tomorrow and I'm not sure how long they will be here...but today I will update as much as I can between cleaning and filling out applications!

>.> Ok its really just procrastination

Posted By Michele : January 26 2015

Soooo I played games last week and snagged from updates....and just now updated XD
Didn't play much due to taking care of a sick hubby and being sick myself....and being super distracted by Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2!!
Soon Mass Effect 3 will devour my time. XD
That and I'll probably take time off to finally sit down and sort out eTCG and the trade form. I keep putting if off because reasons. >.>

So slow! I blame the weather XD

Posted By Michele : January 14 2015

I played some stuff recently-ish and things will be getting properly updated. I'll also be working on eTCG and getting all the cards sorted there. But it's so tedious XD. I swear I'll get it done one day!
I applied for a new job! Hopefully I'll be employed soon.
Real soon I hope because I think the house is trying to fall apart or something. It flooded twice yesterday! At least it was downstairs and at least I have subway tile for flooring (super cold if the house gets below 75f tho! Gotta wear all the socks!! LOL).
A plumber is coming tomorrow to fix the problem and take away all our moneys! *weeps* And if the house would be so kind as to not have anything else come up that'd be great!
dsytruijkmpo======= <----that was Haruhi saying hi! I felt like leaving it for y'all XD. Ok I'll go work on some pages now >.>

I'm Baaa-aaaack! ^_~

Posted By Michele : January 2 2015

I was actually back on Monday but I still had things around the house to do so I was still being a little quiet online!
So I have a couple more TCG's I want to play before I start updating all the things! But I'll get all the ones I played this week updated at some point today ^^....hopefully XD
I hope everyone had a fun Christmas and a great New Year! :D

Merry Christmas! (early since I'll be out of town for over a week XD)

Posted By Michele : December 18 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!! :D <3
I'll be updating some things tonight (and maybe in the morning if I dont finish tonight) because I played a few TCG's this week and have a few trades to update.
After tonight I really won't be able to play again until next year (like thats sooooo far away XD)
I will respond to emails but I"ll be slower and sometimes I might be replying via my phone so I won't be able to send the cards right away.
I doubt anyone will mind as long as I reply!
So that said, I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday season! See ya next year! :D
Have a doodle I did!

Making Christmas la la la!!!

Posted By Michele : December 1 2014

I'll be slowly updating a buncha TCG's I traded in, played, snagged from updates the past few days
I promise to keep replying to trades through holidays but I may be slow (unless I'm actually at the computer then I might be ninja fast XD) In 3 weeks I'll be out of town with my family for a full 9 days! Huzzah! So when I reply to trades I will not be able to include the cards. I'll see about using my moms computer so I can at least send links or something. I'll figure it out.
I won't really be able to get eTCG finished until next year but it will get done soon (I know I keep saying that XD) So y'all have a fun December and stay safe when travelling! <3

** I probably won't be on much for the rest of the year due to the holidays, family obligations, shindigs and making Christmas gifts!**

Happy Thanksgiving!! (early XD)

Posted By Michele : November 25 2014

I'm updating a few TCG's I played recently.
I probably won't be on much for the rest of the year due to the holidays, family obligations, shindigs and making Christmas gifts!
Making them all since I'm a jobless sick hermit with no moneys XD.
I'll still reply to trades and I will likely sneak on and play once in a while. But probably just to snag from the updates.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! ^___^v

Still some issues but mostly done

Posted By Michele : November 21 2014

Trade forms are the bane of my existence!! It'll work one day I promise!
I did get all the hiatus and closed TCG pages moved over now. :D I still have to move over all the logs but thats slow annoying work and might not be up til for a while. But I still have them so if anyone needs to see them for mastery/trade proof purposes I can send them easily ^^ no worries!
I did update a few TCG's I played....and I'm sure I'll be updating a few more!

Slowly but surely....sorta

Posted By Michele : November 18 2014

Ok I've gotten all the active TCG pages up! There are some missing images but not an over abundance of them.
Also I haven't moved over my trade logs and activity logs....my old page I had them combined so....I have to work on picking them apart XD
When I update the card pages I'll add in new logs and as I complete the seperations of the old logs I'll add those in too :)
I'm taking a break now...i'll finish the Hiatus and Closed TCG pages tomorrow.
Oh also if you want to trade with me, the trade form isn't functioning just yet. So please continue shooting me an email at michele.donaho@gmail.com ^^
Mousey installed eTCG for me and I'm still learning how to use it. I'll be bugging her soon I'm sure XD

New Home, New Look!

Posted By Michele : November 17 2014

I'm working on moving my site here at the lovely fairy-fountain.net! Thanks y'all for hosting me <3 It may take a little while, but I'll have all my stuff up soon :)
My old site is still up so you can browse and send trade request still...I'll be responding :D But my old site has been flagged as a virus with some anti-virus software so if it doesn't show up thats why!
Sorry for the trouble!
I'm also working on changing out the old layout and figuring out how eTCG works so please forgive any crazy errors XD


Hello Everyone!
And welcome to the home of all the TCG cards I collect :D
Please feel free to browse. If you want to trade just head over to the trade page and shoot me an email :D
In all the games my name is either Michele or Michi....most of them I have a member card that shows which name is for that TCG :D

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